Skilled artisans:  Our staff has worked in the field and trained in their particular field of expertise; from sewers, upholsterers, carpenters, finishers and installers.  We have a dress code and our team knows the true meaning of customer service. 



We're passionate about repairing furniture. When you think of us, you know you're receiving a team of professionals who are trained and skilled in furniture repair.


Offering you knowledge, experience, understanding, consideration and quality in our workmanship and business practices. 


We team up with the most knowledgeable and professional technicians in the furniture repair industry so the furniture is repaired properly and at its location.  

Partners, managers and team members are more than happy to answer all of your questions making sure your service call is handled with the best possible outcome. 

Why Choose Us

We know furniture

A fact: many of our competitors do not have the expertise to fully repair all types of furniture.  So what does this mean?  You are told the furniture can not be repaired and must be exchanged.  We have the knowledge and experience not only in the field but also the leadership that runs Touch Up Home.  99% completion rate. 

We Truly Care





Maintaining the furniture is one of the most important aspects into keeping the longevity and quality of the furniture looking good.

Repairing is having the skill set and background in the furniture industry.  

Our leadership had been involved with manufacturing, development and design of wood and upholstered furniture.  

Touch Up Home was developed with our customers in mind.  What their needs are and how we can professionally service those needs.  

Our technicians follow the strictest code of conduct in the industry of what should be said and not said on a service call.  

99% completion rate

We come from a manufacturing background.  Repairing furniture is not just about the repair, its knowing how furniture is produced.


How can you truly repair furniture properly or lead a national team of top tier technicians, if you do not know how to produce the furniture your repairing.

Repairing of furniture is the most important service for the longevity of your furniture pieces.  Any manufacturer, any style, design, size or location.

We care about the product and we care about getting the furniture repaired correctly.  We lead by example with how we handle the product and how we respond to your needs.