Wood repair

  • Align doors
  • Align drawers
  • Repair or replace drawer glides
  • Fill and touch up nicks, chips and scratches
  • Repair or replace broken legs
  • Level furniture
  • Fix veneers
  • Replace magnets and latches
  • Tighten and replace handles and knobs
  • Replace all types of hardware

Cabinets, credenzas, dressers, nightstands, tables, desks, bookshelves the list is endless. 

Touch Up Home is the premier national furniture repair company in the US..

We repair nicks, scratches, dents, align drawers and replace glides, align doors and replace hinges, repair broken frames, fix veneer, repair broken legs, repair springs, repair recliners, replace mechanisms, sew open seams, tighten loose material, add fill to cores, replace cores, steam, replace nail heads and buttons, the list is endless.

We repair furniture all over the country which is a great part of working with us.  Our technicians are experienced in their field of expertise. 

99% of all our work is completed in the field to eliminate the inconvenience of removing the furniture and the downtime of it being shipped round trip to the factory. 

Our executive team has a manufacturing background.  Why is this important when you choose a company to do your repairs?  Because how can you truly repair something if you do not know how it’s manufactured? 



Upholstery repair

  • Tighten leather
  • Steam
  • Replace motors
  • Repair springs
  • Tighten loose frames
  • Change cushion fills
  • Sew open seams
  • Replace material
  • Add nail heads
  • Repair buttons
  • Tighten loose material
  • Spot clean

Sofas, sectionals, banquettes, lounge chairs, recliners, headboards, box-springs, dining chairs the list is endless